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No Extra Time for Filing T3010 Despite Postal Disruption

Charities with calendar year ends (December 31, 2010) must still file their T3010, Registered Charity Information Return, by June 30, 2011, despite the current interruption in postal services. Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has advised they are not granting extensions. They suggest three alternative forms of delivery: 1. Courier the return package… More

Theological Leadership

One of the research findings from my dissertation on church-agency relations is that many Christian agency leaders do not have formal theological training. The pastors said this is a problem. Since agencies are Christian ministries, I recommend that at least the senior leader of a Christian agency get some formal theological training,… More

A retreat to close the sabbatical

This entry is part 34 of 36 in the series Sabbatical.

Back in March, the retreat centre (The Sabbath House) called and said I’d be the only person there that entire week. So it really was a private retreat – I had the run of the whole mountainside to myself! I am laughing as I write this because one of my staff members is so amiable and sociable that she told me she couldn’t do a solitary retreat. I think she wonders about me! 🙂 Well, I admit I wasn’t sure if I’d like this much solitude either, but it turned out well. And I wasn’t as disconnected as I thought I’d be. More

Federal Budget Issued June 6, 2011

All of the federal budget measures for charities previously announced on March 22, 2011, returned today in Budget 2011. The provisions are retroactive to March 22, 2011. This news release will recap those announcements and make recommendations for charities. The only new information for charities is that Parliament will ask… More