Monthly Archives: September 2016

Your Opinion Matters: CRA Consultations on Political Activities is Now Live

Authored by Philip Milley, Associate Director of Legal Affairs On September 27, 2016 the Minister of National Revenue announced the launch of consultations to clarify the rules regarding the involvement of charities in political activities. As part of this engagement process, the CRA is collecting feedback from charities and the public on the… More

Making a Millennial

Authored by Duncan Field, Manager, Research & Executive Projects The word ‘Millennial’ is perhaps the most divisive word within my peer-group. Many people resent being labelled, whether they are a millennial or a baby boomer. For many people my age, childhood and adolescence were used to reinforce the idea that… More

Thinking about millennials

Duncan joined CCCC in July to help us develop some very interesting new programs for our members. As a millennial, one of his interests is helping older generations work with younger generations and vice versa. So we’ve given him a platform to help you Boomers and Gen Xers to not only… More

Beyond Us

Authored by Duncan Field, Manager, Research & Executive Projects Imagine a ministry that is built to last and to serve your community long into the future, secure in its mission and its vision. Imagine a ministry that people want to support, and feel comfortable supporting, knowing that the organization will… More