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Leaders in Community - Starling Murmuration by Brad Sherk

A new drawing hangs prominently in the CCCC office. Take a look.

Christian artist Brad Sherk created this beautiful artwork which is a perfect visual representation of our desire to see Evangelical ministry leaders working together in community for the welfare of our faith in Canada. Because he lives locally (to us), Brad was able to come to a staff meeting and describe how he created this drawing. I’d like to share why this image is important to CCCC and to the community of ministry leaders across Canada.

Leaders & Starlings

The  image is of a starling murmuration, something which was featured in my post Leaders in Community. No single bird leads the flock, and yet every day at roosting time hundreds and even thousands of starlings fly together in dazzling formations which constantly shift in shape and direction of flight, all in perfect coordination!

That’s what informal Christian community leadership should be like: Leaders getting together to reflect on our mission and our mission results, and then developing ideas and initiatives that we could act on together for the benefit of our shared mission.

Brad Sherk

Those who attended The Pursuit conference have seen Brad’s exquisite art on exhibit. We at CCCC celebrate Christian artists of all types who inspire, challenge, and encourage us by showing us the world through their eyes.

Thank you Brad for using your artistic gift. May God bless each of your works and use them for his purposes.

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