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Of kings and prophets: Ministry leaders and their critics

Ever get discouraged when ministry leaders don’t live up to your expectations of Christian behaviour? As an observer, how do you deal with that? The ideal believer lives a Christ-like life manifesting the fruit of the Spirit. Unfortunately, everyone is on a journey toward that ideal. We all fall short and we always will until God… More

Competing for donors

Should Christian ministries compete with each other? Someone (I’ll call him Paul) showed me a graph on Canadian Food for the Hungry International’s (FH) website that showed the percentage of donations that go into poverty-relief programs, not only for FH but also for ministries that donors might see as its ‘competitors.’ Given… More

The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling

Facts and logic can engage the mind, but if you want to motivate people so that they act enthusiastically and with real commitment, if you want to persuade them to adopt a particular course of action or way of being, you have to engage their hearts, and a great way to do that is by telling stories. More

Thou shalt steal…?

I was forced into a quick assessment of whether a pastor can tell his congregation to shoplift when in desperate need because I got an interview request from Canwest News Services to answer the question, “Is it ever right for a spiritual leader to advise his congregation to steal?” The reporter’s deadline was looming. Is it or isn’t it? More