Monthly Archives: January 2011

A leader’s intimacy with God

My friend Marvin Brubacher invited me to teach a class at Heritage Seminary about the practical aspects of leading a ministry. At the end, he asked, “John, what one final thing do you want to tell these ministry leaders? The one piece of advice they must hear?” Without a moment’s hesitation, I said “Never, ever… More

CRA's Administrative Policy for Reimbursement of Mileage 2011

The CRA introduced an administrative policy in the late 1980’s for reimbursements paid to employees for the use of their personal automobiles. CRA prescribes the following rates as reasonable for 2011: 52 cents per km for the first 5000 kms a year (no change from 2010) 46 cents per km for… More

The value of old friends

Old friends are valuable treasures. They have walked with you through various stages of your life, and they know you not only as you are now, in your position of leadership, of authority, prestige or power. They also knew you back when, and they know the real you, the person who will survive (we hope!) your years of ministry leadership. More

Of kings and prophets: Ministry leaders and their critics

Ever get discouraged when ministry leaders don’t live up to your expectations of Christian behaviour? As an observer, how do you deal with that? The ideal believer lives a Christ-like life manifesting the fruit of the Spirit. Unfortunately, everyone is on a journey toward that ideal. We all fall short and we always will until God… More

Satan vs (insert ministry name here)

Leaders are storytellers, so you should learn how to create your own stories. Practice writing stories, even if you never use them exactly as written, because you will use stories in your speeches, interviews, newsletters, orientation sessions and fundraising appeals, not to mention writing posts for your blog. The story you tell will reinforce your ministry’s goals, values, and its way of life every time you tell it, so you want to craft it in a way that is interesting and memorable, that touches people emotionally and taps into their own aspirations. More