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The Intolerance of Intolerance: The Outrageous Accusation That TWU’s School of Law Is Related To The Orlando Massacre

This entry is part 21 of 42 in the series Trinity Western University.

A bisexual Muslim, who swore allegiance to ISIS, walked into an Orlando gay club that he frequented and indiscriminately shot and killed 49 people, injuring 53 others. It was a heinous crime, the like of which we’ve never seen before in North America. How then, based on this shooting, does… More

Violence, Hatred, and Christianity

It is the responsibility of the religious community, and especially its leaders, to speak out against the misuse of their religion and condemn unlawful acts committed in its name.

As a Christian leader I want to state very clearly three declarations about the Christian faith as it relates to violence and coercion. More

The Experts Demand Deference: Law Societies & TWU

This entry is part 20 of 42 in the series Trinity Western University.

I detected a general theme in the respective Court of Appeal arguments of the Law Societies in British Columbia and Ontario over the last two weeks.  “We are the experts.  We know what we are doing.  Now give us deference.  Our decisions against accrediting Trinity Western University’s School of Law… More