Yearly Archives: 2009

Strategic planning and Christian ministry

I’ve just finished writing a workshop called A Christian Perspective on Strategy Development. While writing it, I had a thought: Jesus, the ultimate leader, didn’t write a strategic plan for his disciples. I wondered, what might a strategic plan have looked like if the apostles had felt they needed to write one? Let’s speculate with a “What if…” scenario. (Don’t take… More

Contagious Leadership

Is your leadership contagious? In many ways, you hope so. If you are casting vision, inspiring hope and enthusiasm, and all the other good things a leader does, then you hope other people will catch what you have. But if you are a leader who is crusty, suspicious and otherwise cranky, you might be infecting your staff with the negative aspects of your personality or character. More

The most daring case study of all

I’m going to tell you about a tool that will turbocharge your development as a leader, the case study method, but with a twist. In the Christian leadership track of Gordon-Conwell’s Doctor of Ministry program, they adapted the case study method so that you are your own case study. Instead of reading about some other poor soul’s problems, I had to feature mine! I can say from experience that the most daring case study of all is…you! More