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New Ontario WSIB Rules of Importance for Charities

Ontario churches and charities that retain contractors to perform construction work need to be aware of new legal obligations that were recently added to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997 (the “Act”). The Pre-Existing Rules Under the Act, anyone who retains a contractor to carry on certain business activities… More

New ITA Exception for School Tuition Paid by Employer

CCCC members who operate or are linked to private Christian schools will be interested to know of some recent changes to the Income Tax Act. Many private schools offer tuition discounts to staff members with children enrolled in their schools. Similarly, some employers offer financial assistance to employees for their… More

6 Journals To Keep Current in Law and Religion

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Resources on Law and Religion.

One of the ways to know the latest research in the ever expanding field of law and religion is to keep tabs on the academic journals.  Listed below are a few of my favorites.  I have highlighted some of the information from their respective websites: International Journal for Religious Freedom:… More

Liberal Democracy and Religion

 Introduction Over the years, I’ve studied political philosophy, theology, history, and law – all of course in the context of Western Civilization.  There can be no doubting that my worldview is thus fertilized by Western thought.  The consistent “actor” that runs throughout such study is the Christian religion and its… More

King Saul: A caution to ministry leaders

I’ve written a fair bit about how leaders can protect themselves from themselves. It is so easy to slip and fall when we allow ourselves to live unexamined lives. Today I have a guest writer who examines King Saul’s leadership failure.

Heather Card, COO of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities, is an M.T.S. student at MacDiv. Her paper, A Character Study of Saul, is an excellent biblical analysis of the underlying issues related to Saul’s failure. It’s not comfortable reading because I’m sure it will highlight for all of us the potential in our own lives to make mistakes similar to Saul’s. More

10 Most Important Posts

I’d like to share what I consider the ten most significant posts I’ve written. They represent the very best advice that I can give to a Christian ministry leader. These are the posts (in my order of importance) that, more than anything else I could say, will help you be the best Christian leader you can be. May you hear some day the Master say to you, “Well done, good and faithful servant!” More