I’ve written a fair bit about how leaders can protect themselves from themselves. It is so easy to slip and fall when we allow ourselves to live unexamined lives. Today I have a guest writer who examines King Saul’s leadership failure.

Heather Card, COO of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities, is an M.T.S. student at MacDiv. Her paper, A Character Study of Saul, is an excellent biblical analysis of the underlying issues related to Saul’s failure. It’s not comfortable reading because I’m sure it will highlight for all of us the potential in our own lives to make mistakes similar to Saul’s. Heather provides food for thought for every ministry leader, and my hope is that being forewarned, you will take preventive action.

The paper is about 4,900 words long and is well worth the time it will take to read. The link above will open a pdf. Read and reflect!

Thoughts on King Saul: A Caution to Ministry Leaders

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