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How far out is your planning horizon?

I was at a conference in the spring and heard a terrific story that just amazed me and the entire audience. It was a thrilling example of farsightedness that looked ahead five centuries! The speaker assured us the story is absolutely true. It’s about a college at Oxford University. New College roof, Oxford… More

“Why doesn’t God speak to me?”

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Hearing God speak.

The gist of Pastor Manoonsak’s sermon at Jai Samarn church in Bangkok was that when people ask why God doesn’t speak to them they are asking the wrong question. The real question is, “Why am I not listening when God is speaking?” No friendship will last long if one party is always talking and… More

Loving Teamship: Loving your team leader

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Loving Teamship.

This is the last in a series about ‘loving teamship’ that started with loving your teammates and then loving your team. It is also the flip side of the post Loving Leadership that talked about leaders loving their staff members. It may seem strange to talk about loving the team leader, especially because that love is focused on one person while all the other posts talk about loving an entire class of people or a group, but Jesus commanded us to love one another, so why would the team leader be excluded from those we are to love? More

East Africa Drought Relief Fund Declaration Form

The East Africa Drought Relief Fund Declaration Form has been released by Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). This form is required for charities to track donations for matching funds from the Canadian government. Charities collecting donations for drought relief in East Africa are required to submit to CIDA by September… More