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The Art of Neighboring

Are you so engaged with family, church and ministry work that you don’t actually mingle much with people outside your Christian circles? Ministry workers risk living in a bubble of faith that limits their personal influence outside of work. This post will help you expand your influence. Since entering full-time ministry, my world has both vastly expanded (within… More

Redeeming Church Conflict

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Conflict Resolution.

Although many people hold up the ancient church as the ideal church that we should try to get back to, the Bible clearly shows that the church in New Testament times was just as full of problems and controversies as the present-day church. Whether in Corinth or Galatia, they had to learn to deal with division and passionately held positions. I’ve just read a really great book: Redeeming Church Conflicts. If your church is experiencing a conflict, there is hope! More

The dark side of leadership

The traits that enabled you to become a leader are the same traits that can be your downfall. This is the dark side of leadership. The point is not that leaders have a dark side that others don’t. Everyone has a dark side, but when you are in leadership, particularly in the senior leader’s role, your dark side has the potential to wreak greater havoc than would be the case with most people simply because you have greater ability to affect people. As you rise through the leadership ranks acquiring more power and authority that you plan to use for good, your foibles from the dark side are also acquiring greater power to potentially do serious harm to yourself and others. More