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A leader’s intimacy with God

My friend Marvin Brubacher invited me to teach a class at Heritage Seminary about the practical aspects of leading a ministry. At the end, he asked, “John, what one final thing do you want to tell these ministry leaders? The one piece of advice they must hear?” Without a moment’s hesitation, I said “Never, ever… More

Satan vs (insert ministry name here)

Leaders are storytellers, so you should learn how to create your own stories. Practice writing stories, even if you never use them exactly as written, because you will use stories in your speeches, interviews, newsletters, orientation sessions and fundraising appeals, not to mention writing posts for your blog. The story you tell will reinforce your ministry’s goals, values, and its way of life every time you tell it, so you want to craft it in a way that is interesting and memorable, that touches people emotionally and taps into their own aspirations. More

Public consequences of personal spirituality

As a ministry leader, your spiritual life is inextricably linked to the health of the ministry you lead. We see this demonstrated over and over again in both Testaments, often in terms of the shepherd-leader metaphor. For example, the negative consequences are outlined in Jeremiah: 10:21 “the shepherds have become stupid, …therefore…” 12:10 “many shepherds have… More