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Donations for East Africa Drought Relief

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has issued for relief in East Africa. The federal Canadian government will match eligible donations, which are: monetary. Gifts-in-kind are ineligible. made by individual Canadians or through fundraisers specifically in response to this cause. Corporation donations and pre-existing charitable funds… More

My wife, my COO, and a director: Perspectives on my sabbatical

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With this post I’ve come to the end of writing about my sabbatical. I am sure from time to time I will refer to something or other from my sabbatical, but this is the last detailed report about it. I have three guest contributors who will each contribute a few thoughts on how my sabbatical touched them: Larry Nelson, the board member who helped me come up with the basic outline of the sabbatical; Heather Card, the COO of CCCC who acted in my stead while I was away; and my wife, who encouraged and supported me in actually doing it. But first, a few final reflections of my own: More

The ‘Ripple Effect’ of Leadership

“As a member of the leadership team, each person is responsible for fulfilling the following roles… Supporter of the CEO, supporting and advancing the CEO’s agenda both publicly and privately.” Nadler & Nadler, “Performance on the Executive Team: When to pull the trigger” in Executive Teams. Throw a stone into calm water… More

Loving Teamship: Loving your team

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Imagine a football team where a player’s goal is to show some scouts his outstanding moves. His vision is what he will be able to do as a free agent with the income he makes after a bidding war. He exhibits unsportsmanlike behaviour that sometimes results in penalties against the team, and it is clear to them that his decisions on the field are based on what will be best for him, not for the team. That player would be a major problem for the team, greatly hampering it in many ways.

Team members need to keep in mind that the team accomplishes the mission, not the individual. More