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Over the coming days and weeks the Intersection Blog will be posting videos on the subject of law and religion.  There will be two streams of videos.  First, will be “Intersection Moments” – these videos will be short – preferably in the 1 minute range however, they will occasionally get to 3 minutes; Second, will be “Intersection Talk” where I will be hosting a talk show that will be broken up into 10 minute segments.  That could change given the subject matter but that is the goal.

Six videos have been produced discussing the Trinity Western School of Law case that is at the Supreme Court of Canada.  This series is meant to augment the number of blog posts on the case over the last several years.  I have decided to publish Part 6 first because it briefly describes the case and what to expect at the hearing on Thursday and Friday.  Over the coming hours I will release the other videos.

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