Should religious charities be denied charitable status because of political incorrectness?

‘The Status of Religion and the Public Benefit in Charity Law’ is an apologetic for maintaining the presumption of public benefit for the charitable category ‘advancement of religion’ in democratic countries within the English common law tradition. The argument consists of three broad fronts.

First, there is the quantitative approach that considers practical public benefits, such as church-run soup kitchens or summer camps.
Second, there is the qualitative approach that considers the positive effects of religion – both tangible and intangible – in the lives of individuals.

Third, there is the political approach that appeals to the notion of pluralism in a free and democratic society, where individuals are free to establish religious communities that engage in the public square. To varying degrees, all of these approaches are canvassed in this book

The Status of Religion and the Public Benefit in Charity Law – to be published January 15, 2020!
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