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Peace Tower, Ottawa

The federal government will table legislation today that will amend the Criminal Code to ban conversion therapy. We are watching this development carefully to see what impact this may have on Christian charities across Canada. Be sure to check back later today for further updates on this development.

The CCCC, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and the Christian Legal Fellowship jointly produced Church Guidance: Conversion Therapy, to assist you on issues related to conversion therapy. The document summarizes general concerns with the bans and suggests wording for communicating with elected officials on this sensitive issue.

The Church Guidance: Conversion Therapy is a general guide in that it is not specific to any city, province or jurisdiction so that it can be of help to as many churches, organizations and individuals as possible.

CCCC will review the Bill and, as appropriate, provide Bill-specific commentary and feedback to further equip and inform you. Stay tuned.

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