CRA Approves CCCC's Online T3010 Form

CRA Approves CCCC's Online T3010 Form

Each year, all Canadian registered charities are required to complete and file a Registered Charity Information Return (the T3010) within six months of their fiscal year-end.

Recently, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) made some minor formatting changes to the online version of the form. CCCC’s online [:link href=”″ txt=”T3010 Form”:] has been updated to reflect these changes and has been approved for use by [:link href=”” txt=”CRA”:].

The changes are listed below:

1. The number of characters allowed has increased on the T3010-1 Activities Outside Canada – Schedule 2, question 2 for the field “Name of the individual/organization”.

2. The number of name entries has been expanded and the length of the field has been increased on the T3010-1 Confidential Data – Schedule 4, question 2 “Information about Donors Not Resident in Canada”.

3. The maximum number of Qualified Donees that can be entered on the T1236 has increased from 999 to 9999.