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CCCC Launches New Website for Donors and Certified Charities

Oct. 14, 2012

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CCCC Launches New Website for Donors and Certified Charities

The Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC) has just launched a new website—[:link href=”http://giveconfidently.ca/” txt=”giveconfidently.ca”:]—designed to connect Canadian donors with trustworthy Christian ministries. The website features the 183 charities that are part of CCCC’s certification program. “Certification is a rigorous process,” explains David Johnson, Director of Certification. “Certified charities work hard to obtain (and keep) the Seal of Accountability by complying with high standards. The new website is a wonderful way to showcase charities that have demonstrated a commitment to integrity.”

[:link href=”http://giveconfidently.ca/what-the-seal-means-for-donors/” txt=”Certified charities”:] are committed to five key principles: accountability, transparency, excellence, respect, and responsiveness. Charities demonstrate these characteristics by complying with the nine [:link href=”http://giveconfidently.ca/learn-about-ccccs-seal-of-accountability/” txt=”Standards of Accountability”:], providing CCCC with copies of various financial and governing documents, and allowing CCCC staff to carry out periodic, on-site field reviews.

The new website includes an [:link href=”http://giveconfidently.ca/certified-charities/” txt=”interactive map of the world”:] where donors can click on countries or Canadian provinces to find Certified charities serving in the selected areas. Users can also search by ministry focus or by charity name. After narrowing their search, donors can browse customized profiles of the charities that interest them and easily link to each charity’s website, featured video, give button, annual report, or volunteering page.  

“I’m so pleased with this new initiative,” says John Pellowe, CEO of CCCC. “It’s a fantastic way for  donors to connect with trustworthy ministries to give confidently and generously.”

Please visit giveconfidently.ca to learn more. For more information on certification, please contact David Johnson at mail@cccc.org.