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Congratulations, Carey Hall!

Congratulations, Carey Hall!

By demonstrating integrity and complying with the CCCC Standards of Accountability, Carey Hall has earned the right to display the Seal of Accountability.

Empowering Leaders

Carey Hall’s vision is to empower faithful Christian leaders for every generation, culture, and community.

Carey aims to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to live more intentionally, thoughtfully, and faithfully in the church and the world.

Educating, Equipping, Discipling

Established in 1959 by the Province of British Columbia under the Carey Hall Act, Carey Hall provides theological education through accredited programs and disciples undergraduate students in their Christian residence at the University of British Columbia.

Carey’s mission is to re-imagine Christian discipleship by

  • delivering contextualized theological education;
  • building faith, character, and proficiency in students;
  • resourcing churches and agencies to advance their mission; and
  • developing sustainable partnerships for their shared vision.

Academic Excellence and Effective Preparation

Carey Hall is committed to offering quality theological education that meets the highest standards of academic excellence and effectively prepares students for ministry.

As an accredited academic institution grounded in Christ-centred, biblically-faithful, and missions-focused Christian leadership, Carey is committed to offering world-class theological degrees and Christian discipleship training.

Find out more about Carey Hall and its ministry focuses. Information about CCCC certified members can be found on GiveConfidently.ca.