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Webinar Now Available: Election Do’s and Don’ts for Churches

Jun. 26, 2019

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Webinar Now Available: Election Do’s and Don’ts for Churches

A federal election is coming in October. Is your church congregation—even those registered as charities— aware of the best practices to actively participate in this extremely important democratic process?

There are do’s and don’ts for churches during election season, and CCCC joins the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC) to help present insights that will help you navigate this topic.

The popular webinar, Election: Do’s and Don’ts for Churches recorded June 19th, is now available for you to watch FREE as a resource from CCCC and the EFC.

The expert guests are Deina Warren, Associate Director, Legal Affairs, Canadian Council of Christian Charities, and Julia Beazley, Director of Public Policy for the EFC.

Disclaimer: this webinar is not legal advice. Consulting a lawyer is always best.

Watch the webinar now.