Congratulations, Steinbach Bible College Inc.!

congratulations  steinbach bible college inc

By demonstrating integrity and complying with the CCCC Standards of Accountability, Steinbach Bible College Inc. (SBC) has earned the right to display the Seal of Accountability.

Empowering Servant Leaders to Follow Jesus, Serve the Church, and Engage the World

SBC is an evangelical Anabaptist college empowering servant leaders to follow Jesus, serve the church, and engage the world.

SBC accomplishes this mission through:

  • biblical education that is practical, analytical relational, and creative,
  • intensive faith and life formation within a discipleship community,
  • developing and discerning mnistry skills with a missional focus,
  • relevant biblical and ministry raining for congregations,
  • and strategic partnerships in education and church ministry.

Whether students are called to go into full-time ministry or a career in the marketplace, SBC will help them develop a solid biblical foundation so that they can be confident in their faith.

Find out more about Steinbach Bible College Inc. Information about CCCC certified members can be found on

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