Congratulations, Pregnancy Care Centre (Edmonton)!

congratulations  pregnancy care centre  edmonton

By demonstrating integrity and complying with the CCCC Standards of Accountability, Pregnancy Care Centre (PCC) has earned CCCC Accreditation.

Almost all the people who use the services of PCC say that their first feelings about the possibility of being pregnant is fear. The fear of being pregnant, especially when it is not planned, is very normal. PCC is there to help. At PCC, people are met with warmth, caring and a non-judgmental atmosphere. PCC’s trained peer coaches provide information on all choices so that individuals can make an educated choice that is best for them. PCC provides information on abortion, adoption, parenting, and prenatal preparation in Edmonton.

PCC is committed to providing information, material aid and client advocacy. PCC cares about those who find themselves in a difficult place. PCC wants to help!

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