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Ukraine Crisis – Ways to Help

Ukraine Crisis – Ways to Help

CCCC has compiled a list of ways our members are helping serve people in Ukraine. The ministries listed below are CCCC Accredited Members with active programs in Ukraine. These ministries demonstrate high levels of financial accountability and trustworthiness, so you can feel confident to give generously to them. These charities responded to a request from CCCC for an update on their activities and have shared their words below. They are listed alphabetically.

Accredited Member responses

ABWE Canada
ABWE Canada has several contacts in Ukraine, including a team of missionaries serving with our partner mission ABWE (US) and a Ukrainian Bible college.

ABWE Canada is raising money through the “Ukraine Crisis Fund” (link below), which provides resources to Ukrainians, missionaries, and partners serving Ukrainian communities in this time of upheaval and unrest, compassionately sharing the gospel with hurting people. All funds received will be distributed through our Ukrainian partners and local churches to meet critical humanitarian needs, with a goal of authenticating the gospel message.


There are also prayer requests on that page. (The Ukraine project is halfway down the page.)

Thank you for your concern for the Ukrainian people!

ADRA Canada
Our team at ADRA Ukraine, even as they live through the crisis themselves, continues to provide humanitarian aid along with partners and support from outside the country.

They are working with the local Adventist church to provide accommodations, food, water, and hygiene to internally displaced people within Ukraine.

Another area of focus is providing psychosocial support, both to internally displaced persons and refugees who have fled the country.

Canadian Baptist Ministries
CBM is responding through our partners in Europe to the Crisis in Ukraine. You’ll find all the details here along with prayer requests: Ukraine Emergency Relief – CBM | Embracing a broken world through word and deed.

Canadian Bible Society
Thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to share our ministry with the Bible Society in Ukraine. We receive daily updates from the staff at the Bible Society of Ukraine. We are working very closely with him and the other Bible Societies including the Bible Society in Poland and Romania to provide humanitarian aid and Scriptures. You can also view the videos that we have received from Ukraine on our website at Pray for Ukraine. Right now, we are working on translating, typesetting and printing our Words of Comfort booklet (Words of Comfort – Canadian Bible Society) into Ukrainian on an emergency basis.

Christian Aid Ministries Canada
CAM established a presence in Ukraine in 2001 and has many connections with churches and other contacts throughout the country. Requests for help continue to come our way.

Our Ukrainian employees, though displaced themselves, have a strong desire to help those in need. They are working to purchase food for displaced people and find ways to safely distribute aid. Food is becoming scarce, especially in areas near the fighting. Yesterday, one of our workers distributed food parcels to elderly people in Kyiv.

Staff members in Romania are working to help refugees who are arriving in Romania and Moldova. They are housing refugees and purchasing food and other aid to send into Ukraine’s war zone. They plan to provide blankets, hygiene kits, adult briefs, canned meat, and bedding.

We are working to supply Bibles, Bible story books, and Christian literature inside Ukraine and to Ukrainian refugees in other countries. Our desire is to encourage suffering Christians and point others to God in this distressing time.

Intercede International
As the world focuses on the war in Ukraine, God is at work powerfully through two Ukraine-based ministries partnered with Intercede International. One has helped vulnerable children to escape from the Kiev region to Germany. These ministries need the prayers and support of Christians in Canada. Read more details at: https://intercedenow.ca/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Ukrainian-Christians-and-the-Nation-of-Ukraine-March-2022-edited.pdf

To help Intercede’s partner ministry in Ukraine Good Samaritan Mission rescue the perishing, please click here: https://intercedenow.ca/product/relief-emergency-war-disaster-aid-21/

To help Intercede’s second partner ministry in Ukraine Father’s House rescue the perishing, please click here: https://intercedenow.ca/product/relief-where-most-needed-4/

Lighthouse Harbour Ministries
At Lighthouse Harbour Ministries, in the Lord’s outreach among foreign seafarers, we frequently come in contact with Ukrainian and Russian seafarers aboard their ships. Yesterday, in fact, I met two very young Ukrainian seafarers who willingly accepted copies of John’s Gospel in Russian (many of the seafarers are from the eastern Ukraine where Russian is still the common language).

We would appreciate prayer for us to be wise in how we reach out to both Ukrainian and Russian sailors, especially when they are working aboard the same ships (often occurs).

Medical Ministry International
Medical Ministry International is active in Ukraine and has been working there since 2016. Over the past five years our programs have been specifically in the area of vision care as we run screening programs and provide cataract surgery for those who otherwise would not have access. In 2021, the program expanded to provide optometry and optical services for adults and children. Program have been based in Kyiv and Odessa and the surrounding areas. Plans for 2022 are to expand the program to dental services for schools and orphanages. When the invasion hit, some of our team members relocated to the Romanian border to provide emergency relief for refugees in the form for sourcing and provide food and water. The team on the ground has extensive relationship with local churches and two of the largest hospitals in Kyiv. Our team is working to source and deliver urgent medical supplies for the hospitals as well as for the refugees at the border.

Prayer support is needed and welcomed. Financial support for food and other products available locally: donate.mmi.org with a comment for Ukraine. Urgent product support: insulin and sutures. If anyone has contacts or product, please contact me directly. l.ferris@mmi.org

For more about our work in Ukraine: www.mmi.org/ukraine

OM in Canada
OM is working in Ukraine. You can see a full description of our activities in the region of Kyiv here, for example: https://www.om.org/ua/ua_en/content/kyiv-region

Right now, obviously, things look very different. Our teams are either displaced or evacuated. We are praying for safety as some are staying put to care for church members and others have nationals in their close families. We have also set up a crisis project for work in Ukraine, that can be seen here: https://www.om.org/ca/content/ukraine-crisis

Thanks for your support and interest in our work.

OMS International – Canada
OMS Canada has a missionary family. He pastors a church there. The church and their home have become hostels for refugees moving from the eastern front to border crossings to Poland and Hungary (primarily). Many of these people have left their homes with nothing. We are sending funds to assist with the purchase of items necessary to host these folks for a night or two as well as items such as toiletries, clothing, water, food, petrol, etc.

Donations can be made by cc online at omscanada.org/disaster-relief-ukraine.html

Cheques can be mailed to our office with #70033 – Disaster Relief Ukraine in the memo line.

Donations can also be made via etransfer by calling 289-288-7077 ext 202 and speaking to Carmen for instructions. Most of all, we can pray. We can pray that believers in Ukraine will understand that we wrestle not against flesh and blood. We can pray that God will give believers in Ukraine complete confidence in the gospel. We can pray that believers in Ukraine will have Holy Spirit boldness to speak the words of life to all who will listen. We can pray for a fruitful harvest in the midst of this turmoil.

Partners International
We have a ministry partner – Beginning of Life, in Chisinau Moldova which has programs in Moldova and Ukraine. Beginning of life works with various local churches, church networks, and other mission organizations in the border areas surrounding Ukraine and also in Ukraine. The leader also works with the Peace and Reconciliation Network Foundation. We will be providing support to Beginning of Life as they care for displaced people outside of Ukraine, mostly in Moldova.

Samaritan’s Purse Canada
Samaritan’s Purse has deployed disaster response specialists to Poland, Romania, and Moldova, where they are conducting rapid needs assessments to determine how we can best meet emergency needs. We have also sent an emergency field hospital that is currently being setup in Ukraine. We are working closely with ministry partners in Ukraine to coordinate all efforts.

Should you feel led to support this work financially, please designate Ukraine Relief (080699) with any gift. You are welcome to donate through our website, by calling 1-800-663-6500, or by mailing a check to Samaritan’s Purse, 20 Hopewell Way NE Calgary, AB T3J 5H5.

Please join us in prayer for families as they face fearful and uncertain days ahead, for our teams and partners as they work to help the hurting in Jesus’ Name, and for an end to this conflict. We give thanks that God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble (Psalm 46:1).

Slavic Gospel Association of Canada
Our ministry is on the frontlines of this devastation as people are running for their lives as you witness on the news. This is very real Russia trying to destroy an entire country and its free democracy. Our task through the network of churches and people we partner with are reaching in God’s name. Financial donations are being received and sent over immediately to assist in any way possible. The present need is to supply food, clothing and organizing places for displaced families to stay. The response to these needs has been most encouraging. People can donate through our website and funding is sent promptly to those who need it most.

Tearfund Canada is actively raising funds for humanitarian aid (food, blankets, shelter) to help families fleeing the violence in Ukraine. We are collaborating with our fellow Canadian Foodgrains Bank member, Mennonite Central Committee, who have their partners on the ground right now, assessing the situation. Donations can be made online at https://tearfund.ca/ukraine/ or by calling our office toll-free at 1-800-567-8190.

The Voice of the Martyrs Inc.
Many pastors and church members in Ukraine have decided to stay and serve their community amid the chaos and uncertainty. Those who remain have committed themselves to serving their neighbours by feeding the spiritual hunger the invasion has caused. Many Ukrainians are turning to the church to provide them with answers in their search of greatly needed comfort.

The current spiritual hunger has virtually depleted the Ukrainian Church’s inventory of Bibles, and therefore, God’s Word is in high demand. It is for that reason that VOMC is partnering with Mission Eurasia to provide 50,000 Ukrainian New Testaments, so the churches in Ukraine can share the powerful message of the Gospel during this critical time.

The cost to print each New Testament in the Ukrainian language is $2.96 USD. The New Testaments will be printed using a Christian printer in western Ukraine that has just enough paper available for the project. The New Testaments will also be included in Mission Eurasia’s family food packages that will be delivered to displaced families in Ukraine.

For those who’d like to help support this initiative, donations can be made to VOMC’s Bible Fund online (https://store.vomcanada.org/category/donations/bible-fund) or by calling our office at 905-670- 9721 or (toll-free in Canada) 1-888-298-6423. Our office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (ET)

Trans World Radio Canada
TWR does have teams on the ground in Ukraine. The best place to get updates on that is at www.twr.org/russia-ukraine.

World Hope International (Canada), Inc.
World Hope International Canada is responding. We are working with global and local partners on the ground in Moldova to welcome and care for all those fleeing the country. Over 600,000 refugees and counting have fled the invasion of Ukraine to friendly surrounding borders, including Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, and Moldova so far. As our response continues to develop and we get reports from the ground, you’ll be able to see updates on our website as well as social media.

Our website is www.worldhope.ca
Our facebook is https://www.facebook.com/worldhopecanada
To donate financially to the relief efforts https://worldhope.ca/emergency-relief/hope-for-ukraine/

World Renew
World Renew is working through our international partners in response to the Ukraine conflict. We are assisting refugees who are fleeing to Poland and Slovakia and will help survivors in the Ukraine as soon as it’s possible. You can find more information and a giving option on our website here: https://worldrenew.ca/ukraine-response.

World Vision Canada – Vision Mondiale Canada
We are happy to share that World Vision is responding to the crisis in Ukraine to meet the humanitarian needs of children and families who have fled. We are working in Eastern Europe, where we are supporting those affected by this crisis. We assisted 3.2 million people across the Middle East and Eastern Europe last year with emergency response programs and are ready to respond to this crisis well, with a focus on protecting the most vulnerable.

Specifically, we are preparing to support refugees in Romania and developing options for working with partners in Ukraine. We are engaging closely with the U.N. and other partners to closely monitor the unfolding crisis and its potential humanitarian demands. We’re also supporting our offices across the region, including Georgia and Armenia — knowing that the impacts of this crisis, from both a humanitarian and economic perspective, may have a significant ripple effect.

If you would like to donate towards helping children and families affected by the crisis in Ukraine, please visit us at the following link: https://donate.worldvision.ca/products/ukraine-crisis-response

We look forward to partnering with you. Together we are building a future of health and hope for the world’s needy children.

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