CCCC Celebrates 50 Years of Service to Christian Ministries


cccc celebrates 50 years of service to christian ministries

The charity marks its 50th anniversary on October 12th, 2022.

[Elmira, ON — October 7th, 2022.] The Canadian Centre for Christian Charities (CCCC), together with its 3,200 members Canada-wide, is celebrating fifty years of service to the Christian charitable sector on October 12th, 2022. This milestone anniversary is being recognized by highlighting success stories from CCCC members who have benefited from the organization’s support over the years.

CCCC was launched out of a desire to care for the needs of Christian ministry employees and to equip churches and Christian organizations with information about running a charity well. It became a provider of pensions and health benefits for missionaries and ministry staff and then made its mark as a trusted guide for staff and volunteers serving as administrators, treasurers, board members, and leaders of Christian churches and other charities.

Today, CCCC has grown into a comprehensive support ministry, helping over 3,200 members in areas like financial receipting, governance, and human resources. Each day it answers some form of the question, “How do I manage this situation effectively with [my board, CRA, my team?]

While early CCCC members could mail in their questions to the volunteer board members, today CCCC’s Member Support Team is available through phone and email whenever needed. CCCC is a charitable ministry itself, and its staff consider their work an extension of the ministry teams they support across the nation.

When speaking about the heart of the CCCC ministry, Rev. John Pellowe, CEO shares, “A phrase we have used for many years is that CCCC provides comprehensive support services and benefits so that our members have more freedom to focus their attention on the work God has called them to—their mission. For a busy ministry leader, our support can make all the difference as they steward their people and mission well.”

CCCC continues to add programs and services as member benefits, including an Accreditation program, HR Consulting, the Christian charity job board, a Community Trust Fund for facilitating gifts of securities, training and courses, and an online chat community for ministry workers called “The Green”.

What’s next for CCCC and its members? “We’re continuing to invest in our legal advocacy so that our sector’s needs and concerns are front and centre with government and policymakers,” says Pellowe. “We believe that when Christian ministries are operating at their best, the world is transformed, communities are strengthened, and God is glorified. That’s why we’re firmly committed to working alongside our members as they become evermore exemplary, healthy, and effective Christian ministries!”

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CCCC Fast Facts:

In 1983, the Seal of Accountability was established with 14 subscribers (now called members) in its first year. Now named “CCCC Accreditation,” the program has grown to nearly 200 Christian ministries dedicated to financial accountability and transparency.

CCCC’s Community Trust Fund was created to help facilitate gifts of securities from generous donors to charities that did not have their own brokerage accounts.

CCCC’s comprehensive guide for operating a charity in Canada, known as the “Charities Handbook” has grown into a digital, constantly growing Knowledge Base for members, with hundreds of sample policies, templates, and in-depth knowledge about many aspects of charity management. It is a treasure trove of valuable information and timesaving resources specifically for Christian charities.

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About CCCC

With over 3,200 members, the Canadian Centre for Christian Charities (CCCC) is the largest association of Christian charities in Canada. Expert in Canadian charity law and issues that affect religious charities across Canada, CCCC is evangelical in identity and ecumenical in service, meaning that while it self-identifies as evangelical, it makes its services available to the broader public. CCCC focuses on charity management and advocates for a favourable legal and regulatory framework in which its members may operate. CCCC supports and equips charities by integrating the spiritual concerns of ministry with the practical aspects of management, stewardship, and accountability, which include fiscal, tax, accounting, and legal compliance. CCCC is a Canadian registered charity that exists solely to support Christian ministries on their journey to becoming ever more exemplary, healthy, and effective.

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