Building Trust Worldwide: CCCC’s Role in Elevating Charitable Standards

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building trust worldwide  cccc s role in elevating charitable standards
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Trust is a pivotal currency between charities and donors, and achieving accreditation is more than just an accomplishment; it’s a testament to an organization’s commitment to the highest standards of accountability, transparency, and ethics. Recently, we announced that nearly 200 Canadian Christian charities are accredited by CCCC, showcasing their dedication to excellence.

A Global Effort for Charitable Excellence

CCCC stands with 20 international monitoring organizations as part of Charity Monitoring Worldwide (CMW), a global network committed to enhancing transparency and accountability in the charitable sector.

CCCC’s Leadership Role

Our engagement with CMW isn’t just passive; it’s a testament to our leadership and commitment to charitable excellence worldwide. Curtis Towns, our Head of Accreditation, represents us in this important network and serves on the CMW board. This involvement underscores our active role in shaping global charity monitoring and accreditation standards.

A New Name: Charity Monitoring Worldwide

At a recent conference in New York, CMW unveiled its new identity, transitioning from its former name (ICFO) to better reflect its mission and reach. Ana Benavides, president of CMW, introduced this new era, emphasizing the network’s role in empowering donors to make informed decisions, thereby contributing to the impact and excellence of nonprofits around the globe. Benavides presented the new brand and new website, sharing, “Our network of 20 monitoring organizations from around the world empowers donors to make a difference. CMW members contribute to the excellence of nonprofit organizations worldwide. With our new name, we are taking the next step in creating more awareness for our network.”

CCCC: Canada’s Representative in CMW

As the Canadian representative in CMW, CCCC has been pivotal in upholding and advocating for high standards in the charitable sector since 1991. Our membership in this global network, alongside monitoring organizations from 20 countries, showcases our commitment to Canadian charities and the integrity of the nonprofit sector worldwide.

About Charity Monitoring Worldwide

CMW brings together 20 monitoring organizations from across the globe, collectively overseeing more than 7,000 NGOs and representing over 68 billion in aggregated expenses. This network fosters global standards for charity monitoring and empowers organizations to achieve and maintain these standards, promoting a culture of trust and accountability.

Take the Next Step: Become Accredited

Becoming accredited by CCCC means joining a group of Christian organizations that have demonstrated their commitment to the highest standards of integrity and accountability. It’s a mark of trust and excellence in the eyes of donors and the public. We invite you to learn more about the accreditation process and how CCCC can guide you on this path to excellence.

Visit our accreditation page for more information on becoming accredited and to explore the benefits of joining this community.

To learn more about the global effort to enhance charitable practices and to see CCCC’s role, visit

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