Speak up to Support Conscience Rights

Speak up to Support Conscience Rights

It is not too late to speak up in support of Alberta legislation to protect the conscience rights of physicians.

For details on Bill 207: Conscience Rights (Health Care Providers) Protection Act (Williams), and why this issue is so significant, see my recent editorial in The Lawyer’s Daily. For background on the troubling Ontario court decisions that inspired this bill, see my pieces published in Convivium and the National Post. Attached, you may also read a letter sent to all Alberta MLAs regarding the Bill.

Although a committee voted against Bill 207 continuing to Second Reading, the motion is not binding; it is only a recommendation. The Bill was reported to the Assembly Tuesday afternoon, and according to the Hansard for the report, it will proceed to a debate on a motion for concurrence with the Committee recommendation. The Order Papers indicate that MLAs will have an opportunity to speak to Bill 207 on Monday, December 2.

Please consider sending an email or making a phone call to your MLA (contact info here) to express your support for the bill. There’s still time to urge our elected officials to stand up in defense of our fundamental freedoms.

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