CCCC Submits Comments on Proposed Changes to Accounting Standards

cccc submits comments on proposed changes to accounting standards

Earlier this year, the Accounting Standards Board (“AcSB”) and the Public Sector Accounting Board (“PSAB”) released a Statement of Principles. The Statement proposes a number of changes to existing standards for financial reporting used by not-for-profit organizations, including charities. The proposed changes are significant, and the Boards have requested comments from the sector on the amendments.

CCCC has responded, and a copy of CCCC’s submission is available here. As noted in the submission, CCCC generally supports the initiative to improve the standards, but has a number of concerns about some of the specific changes. Some of these concerns have been raised by other organizations, including Imagine Canada. In addition, CCCC has emphasized in its submission the need to consider the impact of the proposed changes on particularly small charities.

For more information, see: CCCC’s Submission on the Statement of Principles, Improvements to Not-for-Profit Standards.

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