By Deina Warren, Associate Director, Legal Affairs

Have you switched to digital? If you’re a pen and paper kind of person, you’ll need to exchange your tools for a keyboard and a connection. As of September 30, 2019 organizations applying for charitable registration must use the new online T2050 application accessible through My Business Account.

In addition, My Business Account allows you to complete and file your T3010, update your organization’s information (address, directors, post-registration amendments), upload supporting documents, access payroll and GST accounts, file T4 slips and GST returns, and view account balances, transactions and remittance requirements.

The Charities Directorate has released an infographic that highlights some of the key components of the Books and Records requirements for charities. For details on how to ensure your charity is maintaining adequate books and records, see CCCC Charities Handbook, Chapter 26 and our Retaining Records for Charities webinar.

As you move to digital filing with My Business Account, are you thinking about transitioning to digital record storage? Check out our Bulletin article Going Paperless: An Introduction to Digital Document Storage for Charities. And be sure to read our latest Bulletin article about a recent court decision on books and records. As always, if you have any questions, our team is here to help you!

Noteworthy is provided for general information purposes and does not constitute legal or professional advice. Every organization’s circumstances are unique. Before acting on the basis of information contained in this blog, readers should consult with a qualified lawyer for advice specific to their situation.

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