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The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) has posted videoconferencing tips on its blog. With the expansion of remote work videoconferencing has become a daily routine for many workplaces. Online meetings can present a new set of privacy concerns, and the OPC has outlined 11 tips to mitigate those risks.

Here are the tips, paraphrased:

  1. Research the videoconference service to understand what privacy and security vulnerabilities it may have
  2. Actually read its privacy policies and terms of use
  3. Put some thought into your password when signing up for an account – use something new, different, and secure
  4. Make your meetings private or limit to invited participants – if you don’t want uninvited guests, don’t post the link publicly
  5. Use a password for your call and change it for each meeting
  6. Don’t unnecessarily disclose personal or confidential information – if you do discuss personal or private information, disable the ability to record the call
  7. Be aware of your background – it can inadvertently share a lot of information that you don’t want to share
  8. Be aware of who can hear your call – use headphones or a private space
  9. Regularly update any apps you’ve installed and review the permissions (and don’t forget #2, above)
  10. When using a web browser for the call, open a new window with no other taps and ideally close other applications to avoid inadvertently sharing notification pop-ups
  11. Turn off your digital home assistant so you don’t accidentally trigger it to record your call

Videoconferencing is just one tool of many that ministries have embraced in response to COVID-19 shutdowns.

Has your ministry adopted new technologies during the pandemic? Are you unlocking the potential in the tech tools available to you?

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Posted May 14 @ 11:30am

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