Confirm a Representative through MyBA


Confirm a Representative through MyBA

Does your charity have a lawyer or accountant manage your tax information? You can now authorize and remove representatives on file with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) through the My Business Account (MyBA) “Confirm my Representative” service.

This does not apply to representatives who use EFILE and certified tax software to submit client tax returns.

If you haven’t set up MyBA, you’ll need to first go through those steps. Once your account is registered, your representative needs to:

  • Sign in to Represent a Client
  • Submit a new authorization request
  • Include a certification page signed by you

Once the request is submitted, you’ll received an email notification that someone has requested access to your account. Make sure you’ve enabled email notifications. Then you sign into MyBA to review the pending authorization. You can either confirm or deny the request. The request will be cancelled if you don’t respond within 10 business days.

For more information, you can read CRA’s news release or reach out to our Member Support Team.

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