Canada-Manitoba Job Grant for Employee Training

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canada manitoba job grant for employee training

Did you know that Manitoba employers can apply for a job grant? The Canada-Manitoba Job Grant funds training costs for new and existing employees.


There are two intake periods: the first opened late April 2022 and the second will open August 2022. Applications are accepted until the funding is fully allotted or all eligible applications are funded, whichever is first.

How Much?

You can apply for up to $10,000 per employee, up to a maximum of $100,000. You’ll have to make sure you have a job available for the trainee after successful completion of the training. If you have 100 or fewer employees, the grant will cover up to 75% of eligible training fees; for those with 101 or more employees, it will cover up to 50%.

What Training?

Eligible training fees include tuition, student fees, materials (textbooks, software, etc.), exam fees, and certain travel costs. The training has to be delivered by a third party external to the employer. The training must be necessary to equip your employees with new skills or knowledge to meet organizational goals. You can apply for training that’s already taken place, so long as it took place in the same fiscal year of your application. The fiscal year for Job Grant purposes is April 1 – March 31.

Who is Eligible?

Non-profits are eligible to apply. Schools and post-secondary institutions that receive provincial and/or federal funding are not eligible. If you’ve received three of these job grants over the past five years, you’re also not eligible. And – of course – you have to meet all of the eligibility criteria!

Trainees must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents and who work in Manitoba. They could be full-time, part-time or seasonally employed.

Application Questions?

The application is an Excel spreadsheet that you have to complete. There’s the usual identifying contact information, which includes a drop-down menu for “sector”. There’s no option for non-profit or charity, so you’ll have to find the next most applicable category or you might need to use the “other” category.

You’ll need to include a general description of your organization, select whether your training program is related to COVID-19 and if not, briefly explain the business/organizational needs that will be met by the training program.

You’ll also need to provide some details about the training plan, including:

  • Course name
  • Type of training
  • Skills to be learned
  • Name of training organization
  • Number of training participants
  • Total course cost
  • Start and end dates
  • Credential/certificate earned
  • Training participant name

Want More?

Here are the key links for Manitoba employers interested in applying:
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