CRA Updates MyBA Instructions

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cra updates myba instructions
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The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), Charities Directorate, has updated its instructions on how to access My Business Account (MyBA) to help you register for and access MyBA.

CRA reviewed public feedback about the complexity of the MyBA registration process and redesigned their web page. The page now has a clearer step-by-step guide on getting started with MyBA for registered charities.

Why MyBA? CRA explains that MyBA provides a faster, easier, and more convenient alternative to paper filing. CRA encourages you to register for MyBA to take advantage of these online services:

  • apply for charitable registration
  • submit the annual information return
  • update your charity’s information
  • correspond with CRA

Was it helpful? CRA wants feedback on whether the new instructions were helpful. You can respond by answering “yes” or “no” to the question “Did you find what you were looking for?” at the bottom of the instruction page.

CCCC is also interested in your experiences with MyBA! Part of CCCC’s role on CRA’s Technical Issues Working Group is to discuss, well, technical issues in the charitable sector, and to explore workable solutions. Let us know:

  • Do the updated instructions help?
  • Are you able to easily navigate?
  • Are you able to complete your tasks by using it?
  • If you could make any changes or improvements, what would those be?

Let us know by replying in The Green under CRA’s MyBA Updated Instructions.

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