CCCC Town Hall

cccc town hall

On Wednesday, October 14th our CEO Rev John Pellowe welcomed our CCCC members to our first Town Hall as the Canadian Centre for Christian Charities. He shared about the significant changes we’ve made to our identity as CCCC. He also spoke about how we are enhancing members programs with The Green, the Training Centre and our new Knowledge Base.

Our change to become the Canadian Centre for Christian Charities is all about supporting you as a member even better!

Watch the Town Hall video recording below, or listen to an audio version here.

Links referenced in this Town Hall include:

CCCC News and Events blog
Please subscribe to our News and Events blog so you do not miss any upcoming announcements, webinar opportunities or future Town Hall events from CCCC.

The Green, COVID-19 Response Room
Ministry workers are connecting, sharing insights and collaborating on CCCC’s online community, The Green.

Training Centre
Register for a course and connect with our course facilitators who will help you embrace your role serving in Christian ministry.

Knowledge Base
The more you use CCCC’s new Knowledge Base, the more intuitive and helpful it will become. Through AI, this tool will learn to serve you with the best answers to your charity-related questions.

The World Has Changed: Your strategy should follow (Webinar)
Expert facilitator from chisel consulting, Chris Bosch, will present insights for your leadership team at the next CCCC webinar.

Donald Millar’s “Building a StoryBrand”
Discover more about the book that helped form CCCC’s new brand story.

CCCC “The Story” videos
Sit back and enjoy this three-part introduction to the story of CCCC and its members.

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