2019 Canada Summer Jobs Update

2019 canada summer jobs update

The Federal Government has released a list of employers that have been approved for Canada Summer Jobs funding to hire youth. This funding assists charities and small businesses to hire summer students. 

Over the past two years, the Federal Government has come under criticism for its requirement that all applicants sign an attestation that both the job and the organization’s core mandate respect individual human rights including reproductive rights and that there exists a right to access safe and legal abortion. Over 1500 charities refused to sign and were denied CSJ grants, a key source of funding for summer student jobs and programs for 2018.

In response, the Federal Government revised its policy and issued a toned-down agreement for 2019 funding. Instead of an Attestation, applicants had to agree that the funding would not be used to “undermine or restrict the exercise of rights legally protected in Canada.” CCCC carefully examined the new requirements and encouraged all Christian charities to apply for funding. 

In the 2019 process, many groups such as church camps and churches were required to file further information as their application was deemed “incomplete.” Charities and churches should have received notification about their approvals or denials now that the government has released its list of 2019 recipients to the public.

CCCC encourages its members who were not approved to contact us so that we can ascertain why they were denied funding and whether further action is necessary. 

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Thoughts on 2019 Canada Summer Jobs Update

  1. Mabel Osei-Mensah

    Good news!That’s great! This is a clear evidence that God answers prayers.
    May God who knows those who are His continue to win more battles for us to glorify His holy name.

  2. Deborah van Diemen

    Dear Barry,

    Thank you for the update. Just to confirm that, Kamloops Alliance Church’s application was accepted for 2 positions.
    We have already been contacted by the local university wondering if when we will be accepting applications for the 2 positions.
    We have 2 young adults that will be filling these positions.
    Thanks again for all of your support in this matter.God Bless

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