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this is the most amazing place   pregnancy   wellness centre of moncton

Submitted by Connie Thurber, Executive Director, Pregnancy & Wellness Centre of Moncton

Jake and I want to thank you so much for the support we have at your centre.  Our families are not supportive about this pregnancy and we are so thankful for a place to go where we feel comfortable and where we can get help. This is the most amazing place we have ever been to.  Thank you. 

For the past 30 years, the Pregnancy & Wellness Centre of Moncton has been reaching out to serve women and their families as they face pregnancy-related needs.  Standing with the vision of men and women from the local Christian community who had a desire to offer life-affirming support for women and families, we continue to reach out with help and hope to those who walk through our doors.  As a Christian not-for-profit organization, we depend entirely on the generous support of our local community.

Pregnancy & Wellness Centre of Moncton

Since we opened our doors in April 1987, we called several locations home in the Moncton area.  Then in 1993, with the generous financial assistance of our local community, we purchased our present location and today we are mortgage free.

The sign of any healthy organization is growth. Under the leadership of a dedicated board of governors, five strong executive directors and many great staff over the past 30 years, we have seen the addition of significant client programming, a name change, and, most recently, the addition of limited healthcare services.  All this in our attempt to provide women with the support and education needed as they make critical decisions regarding an unintended pregnancy, and valuable prenatal and parenting support.

Too often we hear our clients tell us that they wish they had known they had options for their unwanted pregnancy.  Struggling with this reality, women often feel very alone and scared.  Many felt pressured to ‘fix’ the problem and that their only option is to terminate. At the PWC Moncton, we desire to serve at-risk women before they’ve made a choice that wasn’t really a choice at all. Women need timely accurate medical information, in a friendly and emotionally support environment where they can make the choice – a choice that they want to make.

July 2016, we saw the opening of our integrated healthcare services.  A local Christian doctor became our volunteer medical director and under his covering, we hired our first RN staff member.  Later in 2017 we will purchase an ultrasound machine and offer point of care ultrasound service to clients in the first trimester of her pregnancy.  This educational tool will confirm a viable intrauterine pregnancy, estimate of gestational age and offer client the ability to see the heartbeat.  The ultrasound experience empowers a woman to make a more informed decision about her pregnancy.

On any given day, the needs of our clients vary.  With a team of four staff members and close to 20 volunteers, we offer educational classes for prenatal and parenting needs, sexual health education, testing & treatment for sexually transmitted infections, medical confirmation of pregnancy, and later this year, ultrasound services.  Yearly, we see approximately 3000 client cases.  Serving our many clients with Christlike compassion is at the heart of all we do.

Reception at Pregnancy & Wellness Centre of Moncton

The following are three client stories:

Jenna walked through our doors earlier this month.  She was six weeks pregnant, alone, and very scared.  A baby was definitely not part of her plans at this time of her life.

I came here today to find out information on how to end this pregnancy.  My partner promised he would love me and be there for me – if I terminate this pregnancy. Then this week, He just walked out on me anyway.  In truth, I don’t really want an abortion.  Do I have other choices? Can you help me?”

Ann and Jim met each other one year ago when they arrived in Moncton.  Their struggles with addictions became their common bond.  Then the fateful day arrived when they discovered they were expecting a baby.  Regardless of their personal struggles, Ann and Jim made the choice to be the best parents they can be. Ann’s social worker recommended that they access the prenatal and parenting educational classes at the Pregnancy & Wellness Centre.  On a weekly basis, this young couple met with our Client Support Worker and learned how to prepare for their little one.

Thank you so much for teaching us how to be good parents.  Thank you for not judging us.  We couldn’t have walked this road without you.”

Looking for sexual health information, Bianca learned about the services of Pregnancy & Wellness Centre of Moncton on Google.  Utilizing our online scheduler, she booked an appointment for testing, assessment, and treatment for sexually transmitted infections. Bianca openly shared her sexual health history with our Nurse Manager.

“I just needed to know if one of my partners has infected me.  I feel something is not right in my body”.

On her follow-up appointment, Bianca learned that yes, she tested positive for Chlamydia and Syphilis and that her prescription for treatment would be sent to her local pharmacy.  Not only did Bianca leave with treatment for her infections, she also received valuable education about her sexual health choices and lifestyle.

The impact of the Pregnancy & Wellness Centre of Moncton over the past thirty years is incredible. Individuals in Southeastern New Brunswick have been encouraged, educated, supported, and loved.  Women have made life giving decisions within our walls.  Children have grown to adulthood and returned to thank us for supporting their mother, and/or father.  Grandparents have echoed their thanks for supporting extended family members.  Donors have sacrificed and prayed.  Board members, staff, volunteers, and the community at large have supported with time, wisdom, and support.  We continue to be committed to offer help and hope within a safe environment.


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