Board Survey: How Is Your Board Doing?

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board survey  how is your board doing
A graphic of a checklist for Strongly agree, Agree, Disagree, and Strongly disagree, with Agree checked. Used with permission.

Recently I wrote that boards should review their own effectiveness, and one way to do that is to have directors do their own performance reviews (anonymously) and do a performance review of the board as a whole.

Here’s a great set of questions you could use for this assessment. The survey deals with how the board works rather than the work itself. The board would use this survey as one of a series so that over time every aspect of the board’s performance would be reviewed.

Insert these questions into an online survey tool such as the free version of  SurveyMonkey and send your directors a link. The output can be used:

  • by the directors for their own self-improvement
  • by the board to decide what training to provide to directors
  • by the board to improve its work processes

Board Performance Review Survey

Director’s Self-Evaluation

1. I’m prepared

  • I thoroughly review the Board package before each meeting
  • I do additional research to enable me to contribute more effectively to discussions
  • My submissions to the Board are complete, accurate and submitted on the Board report template
  • I complete the committee work I’ve been assigned
  • Any questions I’ve had about how to serve well on this board have been answered to my satisfaction.

2. I’m punctual

  • I’m on time for Board meetings
  • I’m on time for committee meetings
  • I submit contributions to the Board package by the deadline
  • I attend all Board meetings
  • I attend all my committee meetings

3. I participate

  • I actively engage in discussions during Board meetings
  • I attend the Board prayer time
  • I attended the Board/staff retreat
  • I pray for the Board & Lead Pastor/CEO
  • I’ve read any governance books or articles that have been provided
  • I’ve participated in board orientation events
  • I’ve done research on my own to help me become a better Board member
  • I feel free to share my opinion
  • I actively participate on a Board committee
  • I feel my contributions to the Board have been appreciated

4. I’m positive

  • I represent the Board’s decisions with “one voice”, whether I voted in favour or not
  • I take off my “Board hat” when I’m speaking with staff outside the Board meeting
  • I redirect people appropriately when I’m approached about non-Board issues
  • I convey a positive impression of serving on the Board
  • My personal lifestyle reflects positively on my role as a Board member
  • I feel the time I have given this board has been a valuable contribution to the ministry
  • I feel I have been enriched by my membership on this board

Board Evaluation

5. The board is prepared

  • The Board package is distributed in time for me to review before the meeting
  • The agenda is well-structured
  • We set aside time for prayer as a Board
  • We have the right mix of skills and diversity on our board
  • We have the right governance model for our ministry

6. The board is punctual

  • The meetings are managed to start & end on time
  • The minutes of our meetings are distributed on a timely basis

7. The board participates

  • Our annual budget includes funding specifically for Board Development
  • Board Development is part of our regular agenda
  • We are achieving the goals we have set for the board
  • Adequate time is allowed for discussion of agenda items
  • We confine our discussion to the governance level
  • Our discussions are lively but respectful
  • The Lead Pastor/CEO participates freely in our discussions
  • We accomplish things at our meetings

8. The board is positive

  • The Board has a positive reputation with staff
  • The Board has a positive image with the congregation and/or our donors
  • We have a healthy working relationship with the Lead Pastor/CEO
  • The Lead Pastor/CEO communicates appreciation for the work of the Board
  • The Chair values & respects Board members & their time
  • The Board values & respects staff
  • If a church, the congregation understands the role of the Board
  • Staff understand the role of the Board

9. Here are some ways we could do board work even better next year.

  • We should stop…
  • We should start…
  • We could improve…

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