The Public Benefit of Advancing Religion in Canada: A Canadian Perspective

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the public benefit of advancing religion in canada  a canadian perspective
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Pastors, this post is for you! There is great news to celebrate. When people claim that churches only benefit their own members, you can now easily correct them.

In 2020, Barry Bussey of the Canadian Centre of Christian Charities (CCCC) published a book titled The Status of Religion and the Public Benefit in Charity Law. In it, lawyers and others from several countries objectively justify why advancing religion is a public benefit and therefore is a charitable purpose.

I wrote a chapter for it titled “The Public Benefit of ‘Advancing Religion’ as a Charitable Purpose: A Canadian perspective.” There is a wealth of academic and peer-reviewed research that proves clearly and undeniably that advancing religion benefits every Canadian, whether or not they are religious. Even the most atheistic Canadian who would never darken your church door should say a prayer of thanksgiving for your church everytime he or she passes by (humour intended!).

I am making the chapter free on a non-commercial basis. That means “Don’t you sell it!” But you can freely share this post with anyone and everyone.

CCCC’s members can discuss this post in The Green.

Let’s get the word out that churches do a whole lot more to bless Canada than anyone realizes.

Enjoy the read!

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