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Pastors know well from their counselling and prayer sessions that when people let emotions drive their decision-making, not much good ever comes of it. The wrong time to make a decision is in the heat of the moment when euphoria or dread are your driving emotions. Better decisions will be made when you pause and wait for an objective, healthy perspective to return.

Pastors, do not let your emotions related to current circumstances master you. Accept the emotion as a fact, but then do something about it and master your emotions before making decisions about your future. Some good advice I’ve used throughout my adult life is to accept the worst, fully accept that it is your fate, but then do everything you can to improve on it for a better future. This tactic changes fear and dread of a potential future event to a hopeful optimism that you can make the future better for you.

This post from March 6, 2010 will help you conquer your fears by stepping back from them and transferring your attention to positive steps you can take. Be encouraged!

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