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Ontario’s Ministry of Labour Announces Workplace Inspection Blitzes

Ontario’s Ministry of Labour Announces Workplace Inspection Blitzes

Authored by Nevena Urosevic

On May 19, 2015, the Ministry of Labour (“MOL”) announced inspection blitzes targeting precarious employment violations in Ontario. The purpose of the blitz inspections is to protect vulnerable workers. The blitzes seek to ensure that employers are complying with key requirements of Ontario’s Employment Standards Act[i]. Specifically, the MOL will inspect violations of:

  • Minimum wage
  • Overtime pay
  • Meal breaks
  • Other worker entitlements

Precarious employment is defined as “work that is seasonal, part-time or temporary” and is contrasted to traditional employment which “typically involves a full-time, permanent arrangement with one employer”.[ii]  Ontario, like other provinces, has seen an increase in the proportion of jobs economists deem “precarious”, with national statistics indicating that 40% of workers are engaged in precarious forms of work.[iii]

The MOL is particularly interested in workplaces where the following groups of individuals are employed:

  • New, young, and vulnerable workers engaged in “precarious employment”
  • Temporary foreign workers engaged in all types of employment arrangements

The MOL on-site visits will take place until July 31, 2015.  According to the MOL’s website, [iv] Occupational health and safety inspectors will  be conducting proactive blitzes and initiatives on sector-specific hazards; these are also designed to raise awareness and increase compliance with the Ontario Health and Safety Act.

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