Thoughts on The Church is at a turning point

  1. purley quirt

    This is a timely article in a world that is replacing ” holiness ” with ” goodness” (Civil Society ranking)

    Change begins with recognition of the need.
    God himself will position a recognition within us in a timely way e.g. he prepared Moses to be a leader of a great challenge…. long before he had to perform, learn and provide alternatives.

    In my personal circumstance, as a Christian, the focus has been on preparing to equip others to restore the role of the Voluntary sector ….to be an equal partner ….. in a ” cross sector” effort to rebuild a Community Service Network.
    As usual, the challenges God issues are clothed in His own perspective i.e. Freely we have received and freely we must give
    In that context we must be ” oxen willing to simply partake of the corn we are treading”.
    We must surrender our attraction to the wrongful distribution of what God challenges us to do… in both what we give … and what we take.

    Almost impossible to find is how to connect with those who are also prepared to move forward into action.

  2. Harvey Thiessen

    Thanks, John. Indeed, thinking has to change from political clout to prophetic voice in terms of politics and the churches’ posture toward government. In terms of ministry to the public, we should not sound like an evicted landowner decrying that our property has been lost and trying every conceivable effort to gain it back. In our post-Christian world, we need a pre-Christian world attitude and approach ie minister to communities in their need for God and salvation not our need of an agreeable environment.


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