Voices: Why We Can’t Take Charities for Granted

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voices  why we can t take charities for granted
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One of the things that Christian charities need to do a better job of is telling their stories to the secular public. Every Christian ministry, including churches, contributes to the public good in some way, and it would be very helpful for our cause if the public knew what good we do.

To help get our stories out, CCCC started a new blog called Stories of Faith from Canadian Charities, in which Certified members of CCCC explain how they contribute to the public good.

Another way of getting a good word out is to write opinion articles or stories for the media to use. Milton Friesen, Social Cities Program Director at Cardus (a Christian think-tank), does a fantastic job of explaining why the public should not take Canadian charities for granted in an article that appeared in the Kitchener-Waterloo Record.

I suggest you read Milton’s article and then consider how you might better tell your story to the public. His arguments are ones that you can incorporate into your own communications. If you want help with how to craft a story, see my post The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling.

With tens of thousands of Christian charities in Canada, we have a lot of good stories to tell about how life is better because of our work. Can you do your part to get the good news out? Based on the testimonies I hear from ministries across the country, I know we do amazing work. Don’t be shy about talking about it!

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