Voices: The Current American Tension And 4 Opportunities For The Church

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voices  the current american tension and 4 opportunities for the church
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A Divided World

Current events make it obvious that we are in a world defined by division, extremes, hate, conflict, and unwillingness to make room for those who see things differently or who are distinguishable by their genetics or place of origin. What we see daily in the news is a world driven by tribalism, self-centredness, and lack of care and compassion for fellow human beings.

Christ’s Solution

Jesus and his healing offer of love, grace, and a new way to live is exactly what the world needs right now. We all need to confront what is unlovely and ugly in us and accept the forgiveness that Jesus offers through his sacrifice on our behalf, and enter into a new life of bringing hope and healing to our world.

Christians are Ready

Christians have already responded to Christ’s call to repent and live this new way, and now is precisely the time when we should more than ever boldly step up and with extra energy do our part to be people of healing and reconciliation, not only presenting Jesus Christ as the hope of the world, but also demonstrating what that hope looks like in real, everyday life.

Carey Nieuwhof

I’ve written about the need for the church to engage society well, and now Carey Nieuwhof has written a post, The Current American Tension And 4 Opportunities For The Church, that illustrates how to do that in the current circumstances. Carey gives four practical ways Christians, and their churches and ministries, can be lights to the world, showing a better way of living, with the goal of bringing Christ’s healing power to a world that desperately needs it.

The Immediate Opportunity

Pastors and ministry leaders, please read Carey’s post and look for opportunities for your ministry to have an even stronger healing presence in society than it already has.

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