the significance of your ministry
My Grandfather and two of his wrestling medals (1901, 1902), part of his legacy of self-discipline, perseverance, and motivation.
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Pastors, as you look ahead to what you’d like your legacy to be, here are some thoughts to consider as you lead your church in a time of great upheaval and turmoil in society:

  • How you lead through this time could be a major part of your legacy. You can bring your church safely through the storms that rage around us. You can give your congregation healthy ways to think about, and deal with, the struggles of our time. In years to come, I pray they look back to these years with a grateful heart for how you helped them emerge whole and healthy in their faith and personal lives.
  • You can serve as a model for how Christian faith supports us in times of trouble and difficulty. Let your congregation see the sufficiency and power of our faith by how it works in your life. Your example can prepare your congregation to deal not only with today’s problems, but with any problem they encounter over the rest of their lives.

The pastoral leadership you provide in today’s hard times may be the most significant legacy you could leave behind. Your perseverance, faithfulness, hope, proactivity, and confidence in God will inspire others and go a long way to helping them not quit when the going gets hard.

This post from February 6, 2012 will encourage you as you think about the legacy of your name and ministry.

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