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When you are done following through on the suggestions in the linked post, you should have an exciting direction for your pastoral leadership that will last at least the next five years. I think it will get your heart pumping with anticipation of all the good things yet to come under your ministry leadership.

Here’s my testimony about the linked post. I wrote it based on my own experience of digging deep into the CCCC mission statement. I find it very exciting to think about our statement: CCCC members will be exemplary, healthy, and effective Christian ministries. Just the idea of thousands of churches and agencies further living up to that description excites me because of the greater effect they will have on Canadians and our society.

But there’s much more to get excited about!

When I think about what we have to do to fulfill our mission statement, all I can say is I get so excited I can barely contain myself! Plumbing the depths of a mission statement makes it very clear what must be done to achieve it and I look forward to developing or tweaking the programs that will do the job.

This post from April 12, 2021 walks you through a process to discover how your mission statement can transform your church’s priorities and programs. You will be thrilled with the result. And best of all, as a pastor you get the fun of implementing the ideas.

I can’t overstate the impact your mission statement can have. It resulted in CCCC changing its name and its branding, while leading to new programs and a new corporate ethos. Check this post out and discover its power for yourself!

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