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This entry is part 15 of 24 in the series Pastors: A Hope and a Future.

Pastors, as the church’s leader, you fulfill a figurehead role that has three parts:

  1. You represent what the church is all about, its ethos and its activities. Your congregation needs to see you modeling how they can live the mission.
  2. You are the chief advocate for the church’s mission, making the mission foundational to everything the church does. Show the congregation how the mission drives decisions at the church.
  3. You are the primary evangelist for your mission. When you talk up the mission, people will see that the mission excites you and then it will excite them too. Your passion for the mission will become their passion for the mission as well.

To help you fulfill your figurehead role, this post from March 27, 2010 gives ways to boost your passion for the church’s mission, so you can be its best representative, advocate, and evangelist.

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