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Pastors, at this point in the series, there may be parts that you have read but haven’t yet had a chance to work on. That’s okay. It may take some time to work through every good idea you picked up in this series.

But when you’ve worked through the previous posts and made any changes you want to make, or if you’ve already done all that, here’s the good news. You have:

  • reexplored your call and your mission
  • become ever more grateful for all that God has given you
  • refreshed your leadership
  • gained a new, more sustainable way of working
  • fallen in love with God all over again
  • taken care of your soul
  • held a spiritual retreat to pull it altogether and discern God’s continuing leadership of your ministry.

What is left to prepare yourself to reengage pastoral ministry as a revitalized you?

Only one thing comes to mind: Make sure you have joy!

Not just a little joy, but abundant joy! Joy that fills you to overflowing. Joy that spills over into everyone around you. Joy that makes people want to follow your leadership.

Enthusiasm, energy, passion, faith: each of these will be supercharged as joy flows throughout every part of your character and personality and makes you a leader who is attractive to the board and staff.

Here’s a post that will help you develop abundant joy!

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