I have done a variety of speeches and sermons for CCCC members.  These are always ‘big picture’ as opposed to ‘technical’ and usually deal with strategic leadership issues: vision, mission, theological reflection on how we operate our ministries and so forth.  I’d be delighted to discuss your meeting with you and see if there is a topic that is a match between us.

CCCC has a variety of workshops and webcasts that can be done either in plenary sessions or breakout sessions.  Material from these can be selected to create a workshop that meets your needs.  Some sample workshops are listed below.



A number of ministries have asked me to do a staff devotional for them, and I’m always happy to do so.


  • The Church at Work: How churches and agencies can work well together
  • Serving as a Board Member: How individuals can become great board members
  • Advancing Ministry in Larger Churches
  • Short-Term Missions
  • Help! I’m a New Church Treasurer
  • Essentials for Charity Boards
  • Church-Agency Relations
  • Organizational and Program Reviews

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