Here’s a really quick post — a paragraph that leapt off the page while I was preparing another post.

The authors of The Ascent of a Leader report some striking research that is a reality check for leaders who become complacent about their leadership. I’ve added my own two cents’ worth in italics and included links to posts I’ve written on the topics. Here’s the paragraph:

“After having conducted extensive research, Dr. J. Robert Clinton, professor of leadership at Fuller Theological Seminary, believes that more than 70 percent of leaders do not finish well. He bases this startling statistic on six criteria, gleaned from common traits among leaders who do not finish well according to their self-analysis, the analysis of their peers and followers, or the teachings of their professed religion.

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Take care of these issues, and you should expect to finish your ministry career well and enjoy seeing significant fruit from your labours.

Thoughts on The Impediments to Finishing Well

  1. Scott Cochrane

    John, these are great warning signals for any of us. At any point in our lives as leaders we can start to slip into a ‘coasting’ mode, rather than surging ahead. These points can help signal when we’re starting to slide.

    Thanks for posting this.


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