Are we too busy?

I have noticed that emails from some friends and coworkers are being sent late at night. Two weeks ago a friend who is a chaplain sent us his weekly prayer requests at 1:05 am his time. Then another friend whom I volunteer for, on the same day sends me an email at 1:11 am his time! This is not unusual for these people. Others have been sending me emails late at night or on weekends.So, my question of you, and me, is “When are we going to learn the lesson of our need for adequate rest – for a more balanced life?” More

10 Most Important Posts

I’d like to share what I consider the ten most significant posts I’ve written. They represent the very best advice that I can give to a Christian ministry leader. These are the posts (in my order of importance) that, more than anything else I could say, will help you be the best Christian leader you can be. May you hear some day the Master say to you, “Well done, good and faithful servant!” More

The dark side of leadership

The traits that enabled you to become a leader are the same traits that can be your downfall. This is the dark side of leadership. The point is not that leaders have a dark side that others don’t. Everyone has a dark side, but when you are in leadership, particularly in the senior leader’s role, your dark side has the potential to wreak greater havoc than would be the case with most people simply because you have greater ability to affect people. As you rise through the leadership ranks acquiring more power and authority that you plan to use for good, your foibles from the dark side are also acquiring greater power to potentially do serious harm to yourself and others. More

Of kings and prophets: Ministry leaders and their critics

Ever get discouraged when ministry leaders don’t live up to your expectations of Christian behaviour? As an observer, how do you deal with that? The ideal believer lives a Christ-like life manifesting the fruit of the Spirit. Unfortunately, everyone is on a journey toward that ideal. We all fall short and we always will until God… More